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Most language schools have a selection of business English textbooks, and if not General English textbooks tend to have quite a few activities on business-related topics such as telephoning, emailing, Travel English and favourite TV ads. You could try having a flick through these textbooks and taking copies of anything you think is relevant, selecting by what is connected to your future students’ area of expertise or what is connected to the kind of skill and language you think they will need in their work or studies. It might be difficult to judge what things are suitable before you have taught the students, and certainly before you have taught your first ever Business or ESP class, but looking through the books with these things in mind will help you pay more attention and therefore help you remember where the things you decided not to copy are when you need to look for more stuff later. Knowing the materials well could also help you if you are asked for your opinion when a textbook for the class is chosen.