D.A. Zhunusova, S.S. Kalymbetov (Taraz, Kazakhstan) |    Download article

At the present stage of development, a critical analysis of the complex and contradictory phenomena and processes occurring in the real world at the financial market of the country is required. In Kazakhstan, in the financial market structure, credit market is currently the fastest growing. This is certainly due to the ongoing development of the national economy. Credit market of Kazakhstan is an important mechanism in establishing relationships between entities and the population in need of financial resources, as well as between businesses and the public, who can provide them financial resources under certain conditions. Credit market of Kazakhstan has an impact on the production and trade growth, capital movement within the country, the transformation of savings into investment, the implementation of programs on business technology modernization. Despite the fact that the developed world has accumulated some experience in credit market analysis, and there are a number of economic theories explaining the features of its functioning and activities of commercial banks in this market, and especially its role in the formation of a national model, market relations require precise and concrete comprehension.