Gyulnar Mukanova (Almaty, Kazakhstan) |    Завантажити статтю

History of Kazakhstan's independence created today. First conceptualized became possible to talk about the mutual influence between the government and ethnic identity. Noticeable progress in completing the historical science "white spots" and names are returned figures Alash first third of the twentieth century. In their cohort - our countryman, born in the village now Zharkyn of Akzhar area of North Kazakhstan region Smagul Sadvokasov (1900-1933 gg.). His name in Soviet publications were treated as " enemy of the people ", but the opening of archives by the Decree of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev returned to society previously unknown data . Alternative media publish material that the reader can understand the role of self and views of individuals and parties. North Kazakhstan will be interested to know that the group found a rare photo of Kazakh artists with famous collector of folklore musician AV Zataevich . It dates from 1927 and captured the Kazakh theater troupe on the road to Moscow, where he successfully passed ethnographic concert. A curious fact: the picture image Smagul Sadvokasov and Zhumat Shanin was specifically erased , but the researchers were able to find the same picture , where they - in the center of the image . Both - the republic's leaders in the field of culture.