Tleuzhan Mukatayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan)  |    Завантажити статтю

In this article, we intend to develop a haptic interface for Google Street View using head tracking. As an input device used Wii Remote, LED and Google Street View internet service. When driving the head, we can manipulate the image by changing the angles. This will create the illusion of a window into the street like in the real world. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual street. Using the LED array and infrared signals, with the Wii Remote, we can track head in two-dimensional space. It allows us to use it for creating haptic interface with the Google Street View. Wii Remote can send on computer the coordinates of the head by setting on the head infrared LEDs. It give us accurately track the location of the head in a certain range. Keywords: haptic, Wii remote, LED , head tracking, Google Street View, image, virtual reality.