Yaroslav M. Kozey, Yaroslav S. Kozey, Vitaliy Sukhov (Kyiv, Ukraine) |    Скачать статью

Introduction. The launch catapult of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is used for forced acceleration of UAVs on takeoff. At the same time, it is necessary to receive speed of separation at admissible overload. Energy for this is obtained from devices that do not belong to the UAV. The catapult must be autonomous when launching the UAV, have a simple design, light weight and dimensions in the transport position. It must be easy to maintain, quickly deploy to the starting position and provide dynamic stability when starting the UAV. Catapult can be placed on a vehicle or trailer required permeability and mobility. The design of the catapult must ensure a reliable launch of the aircraft, and the launch parameters must be constant with each subsequent launch. In order to start efficiently and to avoid damage to expensive equipment, it is necessary to minimize the probability of failure. These include: the influence of external conditions, including weather, and human factors.