Makhbuba Ostonova (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) |    Скачать статью

Modern society makes high demands on a specialist of any profile, among which, composter literacy and knowledge of a foreign language are necessary for a modern specialist. In this case, it is not reproductive skills that are important, but productive ones. It turns out that encyclopedic knowledge fade into the background, and the abilities to apply knowledge, skills and abilities to solve the assigned tasks become primary. In addition, information technology and the Internet allows students of technical universities to serve as professionally relevant information in a foreign language. Thus, the requirements for a graduate of a technical university are high, but justified, since it allows him to be competitive in the labor market. Studying a foreign language at non-linguistic faculties of universities is the professional training of a future specialist. A foreign language has a huge educational and educational potential, and successful proficiency in it contributes to the formation of competent, mobile, competitive professionals capable of working at the level of world standards.