Translation analysis of compound words with the component “Man”

  Lecturer Nilufar Jumaeva, Musayeva Dilsuz (Karshi SU, Uzbekistan) |    Скачать статью

Compound words may be described from different points of view and consequently may be classified according to different principles . They may be viewed from the point of view: 1) of general relationship and degree of its semantic independence of components; 2) of the parts of speech compound words represent; 3) of the means of composition used to link the two italics together; 4) of the type of semantics that are brought together to from a compound; 5) of the correlative relations with the system of free word - groups. The structural similarity of ST and TT implies that relationships of equivalence are established between correlated units in the two texts. TL units in TT that are used to render the meaning of the respective SL units in ST can be said to substitute for the latter as their functional equivalents (or correspondences). Since language units are often used in their accepted meanings many SL units have regular equivalents in TL which are used in numerous TT as substitutes to those units. For example, I. Gafurov translated “The old man and the sea”, in which he brilliantly renders the following sentences.