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It is a common knowledge that there are lots of languages in the world, and some of them fall into the category of international languages or languages of wider communication groups, such as English; French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Arabic. All these languages are the official languages of the UN. English language is very important nowadays. More and more people need English to attend universities and colleges, because now we have an opportunity to get higher education abroad. New ideas in science and medicine happen so quickly that it is impossible to translate everything into different languages. Most articles are published in English. English is the language of international communication in many areas of life: trade, air and sea transport, tourism and sport. Ukraine is establishing closer economic, politi¬cal, scientific, and cultural relations with various peoples of the world. International relations are extended and strength¬ened through the exchange of scientific, technical, and cultural information. In this situation foreign language teaching is a matter of state significance [1, p. 99-130].